Top 5 Best Offline Soccer Games For Android

Soccer has now become 1 of the most playing sport in the world. Everyone loves soccer and want to play soccer. Soccer fans live almost in every country even we can say if a country has not a good soccer team, in that country, there are also a lot of fans who want to play at least soccer games in their smartphones, Tablets or in their laptop. This post is for those who want to play offline soccer games on their Android devices.

best offline soccer games for android

There are a lot of soccer games for Android smartphones but most of them available online. Online games consume a lot of mobile data so these games are costly that’s why most soccer fans search for best offline soccer games. The main reason why offline soccer games are too much popular in the users is they consume data online for 1 time when you download them. I make a list of 5 best offline soccer games which have good ratings.

1. Dream League Soccer 2020

Dream league soccer is developed by First Touch Games Ltd. Dream league soccer 2020 has the 4.6-star rating with millions of registered users. Dream league soccer is a light game if we compare it with FIFA and PES. Its 3-d graphics are very cool. You can choose players from FIFPro™ licensed players.

best offline soccer games

In dream league soccer you have the freedom to create your own team because you are the manager of your dream football club. You can customize the kits, logos, and stadium of your team. Even you can create new kits, logos, and stadium for your team. Many types of cups are available to play in dream league soccer kits 2020. You can earn coins to unlock the locked options of the game.

2. Score Hero

Another game from First Touch Games Ltd. Score hero is developed and published by score hero. Score hero also has the 4.6-star rating on play store with millions of users. Score hero is little bit different game from the games which we discuss above. In the above games we have different game modes and cups to play but in Score hero, we have 580 levels to play. This game is Simple to play but tough to master. You can win awards and trophies by completing the levels. You can change the complete look of your player. Score hero is a 3-d game.

3. Top Eleven – Be A Soccer Manager

Top eleven is created by Nordeus. Top Eleven is the totally different game from the other soccer games. Because top eleven is developed to improve the management skills of the users. If you think that you are a weak manager of your team then you have to play this game. You can build your own stadiums.

You can manage your player’s ranking sessions to improve their gaming skills. You can take part in leagues, cups, and championships. Top eleven has the 4.4-star rating with 170 million register users. You can change the kits and emblems from the Premier League, Bundesliga, and from many other leagues.

4. PES – Pro Evolution Soccer

There is no doubt FIFA world cup 18 is the best game if we talk about the best soccer games for the gaming console but Pes is the best game for Android devices. Pes has very awesome graphic and has the similar gameplay like FIFA. Pes is developed by KONAMI. Pes has the 4.4-star rating on play store. Millions of Android user’s download pes in their android devices.

You can play online with other players because PES allows the multiplayer game. So mostly user plays it online but you can also play it offline. You can earn online coins to do in-app purchases. You can earn coins by winning matches and by watching online ads. You can build your own team in PES. Pes has players categories like Gold, Black, Silver etc.

5. FIFA Mobile Soccer

FIFA mobile soccer is on the 2nd position in our best android soccer games ranking. FIFA mobile soccer is developed by a famous gaming company “EA Sports”. FIFA mobile soccer has cool graphics. You can build your own team because FIFA has players from 550 teams.

So, you can choose your 11 players from hundreds of players. You can choose players from old and new players. you can train them and improve their rating to 100%. You can play many leagues. You can earn coins by winning the matches. FIFA has the 4.2-star rating with millions of downloads.

Final Worlds

You can play these games offline. But if you want to unlock the locked features of these games than you have to turn on your mobile data or WIFI otherwise you are unable to unlock the locked options. You cannot play a multiplayer without internet. I recommend you to play the online game when you have the WIFI connection.


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