Top Tips To Keep Your UPS Units In Great Shape & Extend Their Life.

By now you should have already spoken to a UPS provider to install this essential piece of kit for business use because your business cannot afford to be without power for any length of time. Depending on your reliance of machinery and technology, any breaks in power at all can disrupt your production line and make your business much less efficient. If your business relies heavily on automation and information technology then you just can’t take the risk of a drop or surge in power at any point during your business cycle.

UPS Units In Great Shape

Now that the UPS units are in place, they are going to need some care and attention and so it is always best to sign up for maintenance services for UPS. You need to work with a service provider that ensures that everything is running as it should be and that your business doesn’t experience any down time at all. You always want your UPS batteries to last you as long as possible and so along with essential maintenance services, it would make sense to do the following to keep your UPS units in great shape and to extend their lives.

  • Keep them in a cool & dry place – You should never keep your UPS units in a location where the temperature gets to be too high because like solar batteries, if it is too hot where you have placed them then this tends to cut your batteries life almost in half. Make sure that you leave space at the side of the UPS unit so that air can flow easily and readily around it. You must also not keep your UPS devices near any high moisture areas like open windows for example.
  • Have regular maintenance performed – It’s likely that this is something that you will forget to do by yourself and so this is why it makes perfect sense to sign up for maintenance services. These service providers will make sure that your batteries are not overcharged or charged excessively.
  • Get replacements & store properly – It is always a good idea to have back up replacement batteries available to you but it is also important that you don’t store them for long periods of time. You can store your batteries for up to one year but if you don’t use them within that time then it’s likely that they will go dead within about three years.
  • Make smart decisions – It is clear that your UPS batteries will last you a lot longer if you are using fixtures that use less electricity. Many businesses all across Australia are still using standard light bulbs when LED ones will cut their apart use by about 75%. If you’re using lower powered devices then this helps to keep the capture down on your UPS device.

If you follow the above four pieces of advice then there’s no reason why your computer servers, and electronic equipment and the many office appliances that you have shouldn’t keep running for many more years.


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