What Are Instagram Views and Do They Even Matter?

If Instagram is an integral part of your business marketing strategy, then Instagram videos and views should be important to you. In today’s world, video is one of the best and most popular means of building a brand.

Not only is Instagram video a great way to showcase your product or services, but it allows you to demonstrate your leadership in action. Not-to-mention, connect with your audience on a whole different level.

So, to learn more about how to measure Instagram views and why they’re important, we’ve got you covered in this blog.

Instagram Views: What Counts and What Doesn’t?

When we talk about video on Instagram, this generally refers to video formats in all their forms, i.e. main feed videos, Instagram reels, and Instagram stories. They’re all equally important in building your brand identity.

So, what actually counts as a real video view? When an end-user or follower watches your video for more than three seconds, this counts as a legitimate video view. It’s that simple. They don’t have to watch the video in its entirety, however, you want them to. This helps to boost your engagement, video sharing, and connection with your audience.

Anything less than three seconds, and your video might not be engaging your audience in the right way. And we get it — three seconds doesn’t sound like much. But in the digital, visual world we live in today, those three seconds are make or break.

While some influencers and businesses choose to buy Instagram views, you don’t have to spend a dime with a great video content strategy on your side.

Why Are Instagram Views So Important?

As you may have noticed, Instagram implemented a new function where you can choose to hide or display likes on main feed posts and videos. This points to one key thing — likes actually don’t matter nowadays when it comes to building your brand.

What really does matter is engagement. And video is one of the best ways to connect with your audience in what feels like real-time. Today, up to 86 percent of businesses use video in their marketing strategies. To add to this, 87 percent of marketers report that the use of video yields a positive return on investment in their marketing efforts.

So the question remains, why would you not use it? Here’s how video helps to build your brand:

  • Thanks to Instagram’s new algorithm, the more views your videos receive, the higher they remain on the Instagram feed. This increases the exposure of your brand
  • As your video becomes more visible, this increases user engagement through likes and comments
  • Finally, as engagement increases, this could attract a ream of new followers who identify with your content, need your services, or admire your work

In summary, Instagram video is important because the algorithm is designed around it. We live in a visual world where still images aren’t engaging anymore. Video is the best way to capture attention, and remember, your audience has a short attention span!

Boost Your Business Repertoire, Here

Instagram views count for more than just a simple number on the screen. They provide precious information on how your video content performs, what your end-users want to see, and what resonates with them. You want to use this information as a guide in your marketing strategy.

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