What Are the Benefits of Carrying Out Quality Assurance Tests?

Software is competitive these days. With how easy it is to start a website, write some code, and create a business, companies have plenty of options for software products. The question is, how can you stand out from the crowd?

That’s why quality assurance testing helps. It’s how you test your products for defects so that you can deliver the best product possible to your customer.

That’s why the software testing industry is expected to grow 6% from 2020 to 2026.

Of course, it pays to know what benefits quality assurance tests bring if you plan to add testing to your development process. Keep reading to learn all the benefits that quality assurance brings.

Save Money

There’s nothing worse than publishing bad software products. Your customers rely on you to produce great software. How can they trust your company if you publish buggy products?

While adding quality assurance in software testing might cost more money in the short term, it will end up saving you money. All your time in software testing will help you produce better products. When your potential customers see that you have great products, they’ll be more willing to trust your team with their money.

Testing software also helps save your software development team time. Software testing is a process of testing your products gradually as you’re developing them. This process enables you to find problems quicker and at a point where they’ll take less effort and time to fix.

Create a Better User Experience

Even if you have a great program that does exactly what your customers need, it isn’t always enough. You also need to provide a great experience to your users. Using your products shouldn’t be a chore.

However, this won’t be the case if you don’t invest in user experience (UX). In the beginning, you’re going to guess at the type of interface your users want. If you push this user experience to the world without testing, you might end up getting it wrong.

Quality assurance tests will help you nail your user experience. Real users will be testing your software. They’ll tell you what they like and don’t like about your UX.

Improves Productivity

While the software development process can be complex at times, that doesn’t mean you can’t organize your projects. Frameworks like agile development provide a way to systematize your product development. Adding software quality testing to the equation improves that framework.

Software testing allows your team to get quicker feedback about potential issues. The testing process will get possible bugs to your developers quicker than they would otherwise.

This means they can find bugs before the software code gets more complex. As more lines of code get added, it gets more challenging to keep an organized program. Resolving bugs before this happens helps your developers stay productive and produce new software features.

Better Security

Testing customer functionality isn’t the only thing you need to do as a quality assurance tester. You also need to make sure the software products you create are secure.

Cybersecurity is a big issue in today’s world. Almost everything we do as a society is now online. That means hackers have plenty of targets for attacks.

If your software is in the cloud or uses the internet, this is a significant consideration. It’s up to you to protect your customer’s data. You’ll need to employ testers to check your security to ensure your customers are safe when using your products.

Maintain Quality

Your job as a software developer isn’t done once you ship a program. As time goes on, your users are going to find more issues and demand more features. Maintaining a software product is a process that never ends.

Quality assurance helps you during the whole process. Your quality assurance team will work closely with your customers to make sure they have a pleasant experience using your software. They’ll collect feedback and log issues people have.

Once your quality assurance testing team has enough information, they’ll pass that data to your developers. From there, your developers can work on fixing new issues and adding features that your customers want. Doing this helps you stay competitive in a crowded software market.

Stay Compliant

If you work in specific industries, there are a lot of rules that you need to follow. Industries like finance and healthcare fall into this category. You’re dealing with sensitive data, so you’re required to take action to keep it safe.

Unfortunately, it’s easy to make one small mistake with software and open up yourself to government audits. Unfortunately, these audits don’t always go well for businesses.

Working with a quality assurance team like Quality Logic will help you maintain regulatory compliance. Your testers know the rules that you need to follow. They’ll make sure that there are no mistakes that will cause problems down the line.

Keep Your Software Running

Software testing isn’t only about testing your app’s functionality. It’s also about making sure the IT infrastructure your software runs on stays online.

Your software assurance team will run tests on your computer hardware to make sure it stays online. Many of these tests are load tests that check the capabilities of your hardware.

Doing this will tell you how much traffic your infrastructure can handle. This information is helpful for growth. If you see a sudden surge of web traffic, the last thing you want to happen is for your servers to go offline.

Make Running Quality Assurance Tests Part of Your Development Process

You’re never going to get your software product correct the first time around. Quality assurance tests will help you find the issues you missed and give your customers a chance to test your product and make suggestions. Create a quality assurance testing process today to start making better software.

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