What Customers and Restaurateurs Need to Know About Contactless Ordering

Did you know the contactless ordering market is expected to grow to $18 billion by the year 2025? The COVID-19 pandemic saw many restaurants pivoting to contactless ordering. This way they could help stop the spread while staying in business.

It’s clear that contactless ordering is not just a trend, it’s a safe dining option demanded by customers that is here to stay. So how do you capitalize on this shift in the restaurant industry?

We’ve got the breakdown on contactless payment options and how to implement them into your restaurant.

What is Contactless Ordering?

Contactless dining reduces contact between restaurant staff and guests as well as time spent in a restaurant. That means eliminating common restaurant experiences that could now be dangerous in a pandemic. Guests can browse the menu options, order their food, and pay all from their table without the need for a server. 

No germs spread with no paper menus or receipts! As long as guests have a smartphone, they can take part in a contactless ordering experience at a restaurant.

Digital Waitlists, Menus, and QR Codes

There are a few aspects of a contactless ordering system to consider. You could have a virtual waiting list for guests to put their names in for a table without speaking with a host or a digital menu. The most popular way to take guests to a digital menu is through a QR code.

There are many restaurant QR code benefits that you can take advantage of besides a digital menu. Use a QR code to share upcoming specials or events, take guests to a feedback page, or follow your restaurant on social media.

Contactless Dining Benefits

While contactless dining takes away the unique, intimate experience of dining out, there are many pros to this new dining option. And these benefits go beyond increased safety for staff and guests. 

When you reduce human interaction, there’s a smaller margin for error. Guests input their orders themselves, so there’s no mishearing an order or special request. Your tables can turnover faster since guests have no need to wait for a server to close out a tab. 

Guests also tend to have higher tabs when they’re in full control of their order. That means more revenue for your business!

How to Implement Contactless Ordering

To set up contactless payment, you’re going to need a POS, or point-of-sale system. The point-of-sale system of the past was the cash register, but today includes software and technology to facilitate orders.

While you can easily implement a digital menu with a QR code, your guests won’t be able to place their orders. To really implement contactless ordering, you’ll need the software meant to connect the digital menu to your POS system. 

To go the extra mile, get a payment processing software that accepts card-not-present transactions. This means guests will only have to enter their credit/debit card number to pay!

The Dining Method of the Future

The pandemic thrust the restaurant industry into contactless ordering. But there’s no doubt that customers want it to stick around. A low to no contact dining experience is staying in demand, so it’s wise to get your restaurant invested in it as soon as possible.

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