What features come with office space software?

Take care of reservations from a digital software solution that allows employees to monitor availability, reserve, and book on their own time. The customizations that are woven into the software also allow for modifications to fit your organization’s needs. With the right office hoteling software, you can keep track of your reservations wherever you are in the world. 

When you invest in workspace software, you gain the benefits of multiple options for reservations and scheduling for desks and rooms. Make the most of your shared workstations and equipment rentals with scheduling and reporting features that track everything at once. You no longer need to manually process all of the updates at your workspace with this comprehensive software solution. 

The hybrid workplace is here, with ample need for office reservations to suit the needs of remote workers and digital nomads. Track the activity of room bookings and more with office space software designed with your needs in mind. If you’re curious about office space software and how it can help you maximize your business operations, read on to learn about the software features that allow for these perks, boost productivity, and improve business management. 

What features come with office space software

Hoteling System Floor Mapping 

Take care of your scheduling by increasing the flexibility of available workspaces. With scheduling options that can be modified to meet workers’ schedules, employees can book workspaces, meeting rooms, and equipment using the hoteling system based on floor mapping. Just click the space you need, and the software will schedule the rest. 

Touchscreen Workroom Display 

With the touchscreen feature on room displays, you can manage your room scheduling. Look over the availability and usage of available conference rooms, training rooms, and other spaces reserved for your work. 

Interface Room Scheduling With Office Space Software

If you need to check in and reserve a space, you can use the room scheduling software feature to schedule your reservation on the interface. This intuitively designed system reduces operational fees and makes it simple for employees to book and cancel their workspace reservations as needed. 

Outlook And Software Integrations

Merge your Microsoft Outlook with DeskFlex to make penciling in events on your calendar even easier. Optimize your ability to schedule and reserve your events by viewing it all in a once secure place. Now you can track your schedule and events from one platform by integrating these systems.

On-Demand FlexCube Display

Manage workstation availability in real-time. Using workstations that are available by demand, the FlexCube features make it possible to see available workstations as they become empty. Get your team transitioning smoothly from the traditional office setting to the hoteling system and office space software quickly with the FlexCube on-demand options. 

Optimize Your Workplaces With Smart Solutions

Utilizing office space software gives you the upper hand in terms of monitoring your team’s productivity while accommodating the demands of today’s remote workforce. Take advantage of office space software so your team can set reservations as needed and stay on top of work no matter where they are located. 


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