What your Business must know about Cloud Security

Cloud computing has grown in recent years and is now an aspect of Business that all those who wish to compete must consider and be a part of. In this regard, the associated cloud security and cloud compliance are vital aspects that your Business must be aware of before you rush headlong into storing and accessing your business applications in the cloud.

Many businesses have made the fatal error of using a cloud provider that may not have all the cloud compliance in place and then run the risk of becoming victims of cyber security attacks, and a loss of data. It is a known fact that not all cloud providers follow the recommended security compliance to the letter, meaning that they are sacrificing security for cost.

Here are a few steps to follow so that your Business knows everything about cloud security. 

What your Business must know about Cloud Security

Step 1

Do your research and ensure that the cloud service provider you choose meets all cloud compliance standards; click here to see what these should be. Cloud compliance is premised on the international organization for standardization and must comply with local and international data protection regulations. It is thus critical to investigate that the provider you aim to use complies with these standards and is able to show you their framework for data protection.

Step 2:- Internal training and development for staff to be aware of the threats and security protocols. Internal employees arguably provide for the greatest risk and must be educated about this risk and how to keep company data and applications safe. As it is proven that negligent employees are the number one cause of data breaches and theft, it is critical to both train these employees to understand their responsibilities and have severe consequences in place for employees who do not follow security protocols once trained.

Step 3:- Keep up to date as to developments related to data storage and keep informed as to where exactly your data is stored and how it is backed up. There are several different options for data storage, and you and those responsible for the safety and security of your data must know what the latest security and storage options are. You also need to be as up-to-date as possible as to the various new threats and types of attacks that have gained prominence. This kind of knowledge will allow you to have the appropriate cloud security in place.


Understanding cloud security and how it is changing on an ongoing basis is one of the best ways that you can ensure that your Business has the right solutions at the right times to deal with all of your cloud computing needs. Remote and hybrid work has meant that there are more endpoints, and access is flexible and no longer based on location. It is thus pertinent to have a very clear understanding of your cloud security and how to keep your company data as safe as possible before you put any information in the cloud.


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