Why QUALITY and LOCAL Matter when Guest Posting

Why QUALITY and LOCAL RANKING FACTORS matter when choosing a guest posting website

As an SEO Consultant working for small businesses in the UK & Ireland, I know firsthand that the struggle to get your content noticed is genuine. Many of my clients are small business owners who share the same frustrations and challenges trying to get their content noticed; it’s crazy to think that over 90% of what we publish goes unnoticed. Or, to put it the other way around, only the cream of the crop – the top 10% – gets any attention at all…

Why QUALITY and LOCAL Matter when Guest Posting

Why don’t small business blogs on your own website get read?

Like many small business owners, I’ve been through the frustration of writing excellent articles that hardly get any readers. It’s not that there was anything wrong with the content or the way it was presented, but it feels like all that hard work is just hidden away in some forgotten corner of the internet.

What are the Quality Factors when Choosing a Guest Post Service

I can’t stress enough how important it is to focus on the content. Seriously, don’t even think about putting out anything that’s not your absolute best, but once you’ve done that, a good guest post service will offer to optimise and protect your content and also add social media engagement such as “Click To Tweet” quotes and Tumblr embeds to prime your piece to go viral!

And have you ever wondered how many guest post websites actually care about protecting your precious content? With all these AI writing tools and semi-automated content creators, it’s crucial to ensure your work is safe from plagiarism. I can’t stress enough how important it is to safeguard your valuable, hard-written content in this day and age.

Top Tips:

Pay attention to Blog SEO, plagiarism & social media sharing.

Search engines favour high-quality content when ranking search results.

Publishing on quality platforms helps establish trust and credibility with readers.

The Role of Local Ranking Factors in Guest Posting Selection

So, here’s the thing: many of the top guest post sites are based in the USA or India, which is not ideal if you’re a small business in the UK or Ireland and trying to rank well on Google. You see, Google takes into account factors like relevance, distance, and prominence when determining local rankings. So it can be challenging for us Brits and Irish folks to make our mark.

Top Tips:

Publishing on locally relevant guest posting sites increases the chances of attracting targeted local visitors.

By reaching a geographically targeted audience, you are more likely to convert visitors into customers or clients.

Being featured on local websites helps raise awareness within your specific target market.

Conclusion: Prioritise Quality and Local Factors for Guest Posting Success

In summary, selecting a guest posting website based on quality and local ranking factors can significantly enhance your SEO efforts and online visibility.

Top Tips:

Focus on putting out top-notch content (seriously, don’t even consider releasing anything less than your absolute best) and ensuring it gets seen and read by as many people as possible.

By prioritising reputable platforms and targeting a geographically relevant audience, you can increase your chances of gaining valuable backlinks, boosting credibility, and driving targeted traffic to your website.

About BlogRebel:

Achieving content visibility is one of the reasons that I offer a local guest post service for small business blogs in the UK & Ireland; BlogRebel helps small businesses get their content seen and improve their blog SEO rankings.


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