Workplace Workarounds – 5 Office Alternatives That Allow You to Keep Your Team Together

Whether you can no longer afford an office lease, or the pandemic has forced you out, you need to put on your thinking cap – and fast. Failure to come up with an alternative can see you and your team out on your ear with nowhere to go. So, how can you keep your workforce together without a large office building? Fortunately, there are plenty of alternatives. 

Serviced Offices

If you only have a small team, a serviced office space can most certainly be worth your consideration. Rather than paying for an entire building and its associated costs, you simply lease a portion of it. 

With such a setup, you’re entitled to shared spaces, reception services, internet connectivity, and more. The best part? You only pay a single bill at the end of each month, rather than several. 

More and more businesses are deciding to swap traditional office buildings for these serviced spaces. Not only can they be more cost-effective, but all the hard work is taken care of for you. This allows you to focus on your core businesses without worrying about watering the office plants . 

Virtual Offices

Many business owners struggle with the idea of working from home. Or, at least they did before the CDC recommended it. They wonder whether it could impact their business image or if their customers will see it as unprofessional. 

All those concerns can be null and void if you look at virtual offices. You and your team can benefit from a reputable business address for mail and even a business phone number. No one has to know that you’re really based several miles away in your home’s spare bedroom. 

Team Project Management Apps

Working as a team can seem complicated when you’re not all in one place. However, technology has allowed for it to be more comfortable than ever before. You can keep your team together, but technically apart, by making use of team project management apps and best Accounting Software. Accounting software such as Microsoft Access Cloud database are recommended for maximum efficiency. Learn more about it Office 365 Migration Services provider.

There are many standout options on the market – like Asana, Trello, and Clickup – that provide a variety of tools for group projects. Even if circumstances mean you can’t physically work together, you can do so virtually. 

Public Places

Working from home is now the norm. particularly in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Even as things start to cool down, many business owners may be wondering if they need to go back to a physical office space. 

Whenever you want to meet up with your team in person, you can do so in public spaces. Small groups can meet in cafes, local parks, and restaurants. A regular meeting once a month might be all it takes to keep everyone on track and familiar with each other. 

Freelance Working Spaces  

Why spend hundreds of dollars on office rent when you don’t have to? While many people have already adapted to working from home, there are other options for those who want a break from the house. Freelance working spaces are one such alternative. 

You pay a set amount each day, month, or week to use a desk in a building designed for freelancers. Someone from a different business occupies each desk, and all services, like electricity and internet, are provided. Since there are no lock-in contracts, they can be an excellent way to break up the working week. 

Traditional offices are suitable for many businesses, but they don’t have to be the only choice. Regardless of why you’re looking at other options, it’s helpful to know they exist. Could it be time to consider serviced office spaces, virtual offices, or dedicated freelance buildings? 


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