How to Create Your Own Garry’s Mod Server to Pummel Your Friends On

Garry’s mod still sits at a comfortable 33,000 active player average to this day. For a game launched in 2004, that’s impressive. What makes this amazing title stand out to this day is its player and server variety.

If you snoop around for Garry’s mod server of your liking, you’ll find so many to choose from. Sometimes, though, these have minor details or rules that don’t perfectly match what you’re looking for.

There’s a somewhat simple solution for this problem. Consider running your own Garry’s mod server! This puts you in charge and provides plenty of benefits.

This is one of the strengths of switching to PC gaming because consoles can’t host servers. If you’re interested in creating your own server, read the instructions ahead.

What You’ll Need

Before you push all the other multiplayer servers aside to start your own, consider the system requirements and network conditions you’ll have to meet.

If you can’t match the minimum, don’t fret too much. Sometimes servers run well regardless. It’s possible to host even on affordable gaming laptops.

Luckily, you can host everything on one computer. Here are the specs you should aim for:

  • CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo and above
  • Processor: 2GHz or higher
  • RAM: 4GB RAM or higher
  • Hard Drive: 5GB (solid-state drive highly recommended)
  • Graphics: 512MB of Dedicated VRAM or better
  • Stable internet connection
  • Latest version of Direct X

These are the minimum specifications you need if you want a smooth overall experience. Of course, you’ll also want Steam. It’s the platform where you purchase and launch Garry’s Mod.


GMod is a sandbox game that compiles art and model assets from Valve titles. Of course, player-made mods provide much more variety, but the basics are more than enough. For this reason, you’ll want to download a few assets to cover everything the game needs.

For some operating systems or services like Ubuntu, you’ll have to install the Half-Life Dedicated Source Update Tool. This will set you up with the minimum for hosting a server. Once installed, insert the following text into the command prompt:


cd \srcds


Next, paste this code to update server settings:

hldsupdatetool -command update -game “garrysmod” -dir C:\srcds

This should take about an hour. Of course, an alternative is to use hamachi, but it’s a program that simulates a LAN connection across the internet and often won’t function properly for server hosting. Not to mention, the latency spikes can make online play near-impossible.


Download steamcmd and place it in a directory on your primary hard drive, preferably. Now, run the executable. This will download and install the remaining and necessary files for your server.

Log into your Steam account in the command prompt. Alternatively, you can enter “anonymous” to proceed without your personal account.

Garry’s Mod Server Files

This next step involves the steamcmd executable. Open the program and prep installation. Again, for optimal performance, you’ll want to place the files in your primary hard drive. Insert the following command to do so:

force_install_dir C:\gmodserver

Next, install GMod’s files with this command:

app_update 4020 validate

This shouldn’t take too long, depending on your internet connection. In most cases, users wait about an hour. Luckily, this is one of the final steps in the process.

Configuration and Tuning

Now you’re ready to set specific parameters and rules for your server. Here’s where you decide whether functions like noclip are allowed, and how many props, effects, and other objects are permitted.

There are many ways to modify and tweak your server, but your first step involves the server.cfg file. You can change the values here via Notepad. While alternatives exist, you should be able to achieve your preferred settings with this file alone.

Here’s a look at some of the things you can tweak:

  • sv_accelerate: how long it takes a character to reach maximum speed
  • sv_bounce: physics setting that determines how objects or characters react when hitting other entities
  • sv_voiceenable: toggles voice chat in game
  • sbox_maxwheels: determines the maximum number of wheels permitted
  • sbox_maxwire_emitters: sets limit for emitters from wire tool
  • sbox_godmode: toggles god mode (great for messing with your friends)
  • exec banned_ip.cfg: activates limitations for banned players and prevents them from joining your server

Once you’re satisfied with your settings, you’re ready for the final step.

Launching Your Server

Now it’s time to greenlight your server. The hosting process, after all of the previous steps, is quite simple. Before jumping in, create a shortcut for the srcds.exe file.

Add the following parameter where x is the number of maximum players you’d like to allow on your server:

-console -game garrysmod +map gm_construct +maxplayers x

Your server is ready for launch. You can read ahead for other specific tweaks to enhance your hosting performance and allow players to join.

Port Forwarding

Lag, issues with disconnects, and errors can ruin your overall experience. If you want to minimize the number of problems you might run into, consider the following.

Ports are like internet doors that allow information into and out of your computer. Most of the time, programs configure ports to provide them with access. In some cases, though, you have to do this manually.

To forward your ports, grab your default gateway IP and router login info. You can obtain these by typing \ipconfig in the command prompt. Next, insert your default gateway IP into the URL bar on any browser.

You should see the login screen for your router. Enter the login information and head to the port settings tab. Set a new rule and toggle on UDP and TCP packages for the following values:

  • 27015-27016
  • 27015

If these don’t work properly, which is highly unlikely, check the GMod website for updated values. 

Let the Fun Begin

With these instructions, you’ve successfully installed, updated, and configured your server. It should now show up in the list of available servers in the game.

If this is a bit too complicated, or your system doesn’t meet the minimum requirements, there’s an alternative. You can opt for Garry’s mod server hosting, an affordable option that skips all the work on your end.

Whether you create a Garry’s mod server yourself or choose to rent one, you’re now in control. You’re ready to mess with your friends with settings like god mode and invisibility, and laugh as they run around in confusion!


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