What is the Best Business Plan Software Out There?

Business Plans put simply are documents that show the numbers behind your ideas. It’s great for monitoring growth and maps out how you intend to achieve success, your operations, and capital generating methods.

When you are looking to get external funding for your business ideas then you’d need a well-structured business plan. Investors use this document to appraise your request and see if it’s worth their backing.

Why You Need a Business Plan Software

Writing a business plan is time-consuming and you’d need to have more than just basic accounting knowledge to prepare a standard document. Despite having these criteria under your belt there’s still no guarantee that your write-up will be of premium quality. If you are a delivery business and shipping products to your customers destinations then you need ENC charts as your business plan.

The internet is a great avenue to get the assistance you need to take your business to the next level. You can read more about how having an e-commerce presence helps you as an entrepreneur here. Thanks to online business plan software, you don’t have to worry about background accounting knowledge. You can prepare a top-quality piece in no time using one, thereby improving your chances of getting funding approval for your brainchild.

Here are the best business plan software out there you should try today.

Live Plan

Are you looking for a business plan software that’s well-rounded? Then Live Plan is what you need. You’ll get templates set up to help you achieve your goals including easy integration with your files from Quickbooks or Xero. The latter function provides a financial overview of your business, so you can easily access and monitor progress.

Live Plan’s business estimates can reach up to 5 years, with the software guiding you to write a quality and professional business plan using a slick and interactive interface. Many entrepreneurs use this software along with video advertising to step ahead of the competition.


For pricing, you get two package options. You can either pay annually or monthly. To help you access if Live Plan is right for you, it offers a 2-month trial package, during which you’ll have access to a few of its business planning tools.


  • Offers excellent integrations with Xero and Quickbooks; and
  • Multiple customizable features.


  • Limited third-party integration.


A quick visit to Equity.net leaves you with a tool that gets you what you need to map out your business ideas; clarity and conciseness. It doesn’t just help you create a premium quality business plan but also provides an avenue to reach out to investors. You get this opportunity due to this software not catering to just entrepreneurs but also clients looking for the next big idea. Reading through an Equity Net review will provide you with tips on maximizing its services for your success.

Having a top-quality plan and a great social media marketing presence is crucial to a successful business especially when dealing with start-ups and SMEs.


Equity Net’s pricing system starts at a base minimum of one month.  You can use this software for free but you’ll only have access to limited features. Also, the opportunity to get in contact with investors is only available to premium members. Pricing starts at $199 for a monthly plan but opting for a longer-term subscription drops it to a low $139.


  • Offers a chance to get investors;
  • Opportunity to share your business plan with other entrepreneurs; and
  • Top-notch customer service delivery.


  • The interface isn’t slick; and
  • Only premium users can contact investors.


Though one of the pricier tools you’ll find out there, BizPlanBuilder provides you with the service you need to get your business in the lead. It features an eye-catching user interface that’s simple to navigate. After signing up for a package, you’ll get access to pre-made templates that you can modify to resonate with your objective. Just as with equity, BizPlanBuilder also offers its users a chance to meet potential investors.

Some of its business plan tools include cost analysis, revenue projections, and more. It also offers decent integration options with other business software.


BizPlanBuilder doesn’t offer a free or trial version to users. Gaining access to any of its tools or services means opting for a premium membership.


  • Stunning visuals;
  • Templates are easy to access; and
  • Extensive business presentations.


  • Absence of a trial or free package;
  • The mobile experience is limited; and
  • Users might experience difficulties managing PDF documents though you can always convert your files.

Final Thoughts

Business plans help outline your goals, a factor which is one of the many steps to financial freedom for millennial women. You can read more about these steps here. Using software to prepare your business plan helps you save time while creating a high-quality document that meets your industry standards perfectly.


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